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Mauricio Ayala Rincón
Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics
Brasilia University

Rewriting Home Page realized by L. Vigneron and N. Dershowitz, - INRIA Lorraine, Nancy, France.

International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction - FSCD.

IFIP Working Group 1.6: Rewriting.

Term Rewriting Systems / TRS PVS library - Part of NASA PVS library. Maintained by the Grupo de Teoria da Computação da U. de Brasília.

IsaFoR (Isabelle Formalization of Rewriting). Maintained at Universitaet Innsbrueck.

The Maude System. Maintained at UIUC.

ULTRA Group Useful Logics, Type theories, Rewriting systems and their Applications