Universidade de Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro
Departamento de Matemática
Brasília - DF
70910-900, Brasil

Daniele Nantes

I am currently a Research Fellow at Imperial College London, and more recent information about me can be found here.

I am an adjunct (tenured) professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Brasília, since 2016. I have obtained my Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2013, from the University of Brasília, with research focused on applications equational unification in the analysis of security protocols. In 2014, I was a visiting research fellow at the Department of Informatics in King's College London, under the supervistion of Profa. Maribel Fernández.

Member of the Grupo de Teoria da Computação (GTC-UnB)

My research group is interested in the development of mathematical structures and logical foundations for modelling, specification and verification of critical systems.

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